Danbury Chinese Restaurants

For those that live in the Danbury area may be asking themselves, what choices do I have when it comes to Danbury Chinese restaurants? There are plenty of options for Chinese food, but for those that are curious as to how Chinese food came to this country, let’s take a look at just how Chinese food arrived in the United States. Americans were first introduced to Chinese food in the 1800’s. A Chinese immigrant named Norman Asing opened the first known Chinese restaurant in North America in 1849. How did the Chinese first come to America? Because of the discovery of gold out in the western part of the United States, Chinese workers were brought to help build the railroads. They brought their culture with them which included Chinese food. Little did they know that the Chinese and their delicious food would take America by storm. Here is a list of the Chinese restaurants that are considered the best in Danbury.

Great Wall: The Great Wall is considered the best restaurant in the whole city for Chinese food. The food and the service were both considered exemplary and it is ranked number one. Anyone who wants to eat Chinese should consider the Great Wall.

Good Taste: Though it is running a very close second place, this Chinese restaurant also has a very high ranking for good food, a clean restaurant, and great service!

Jeffrey’s Chinese Kitchen: Don’t let the name fool you, Jeffrey may not be a Chinese name, but he still serves some of the best food in all of Danbury.

Panda House: No it is not a section of the Danbury Zoo, this little place packs a big bite and ranks high among its fellow Danbury Chinese restaurants.

China King: Attention all royalty! The China King is open for those of you with a royal palette and a craving for Chinese food. This place is known for its great food, so it is definitely open to those that are royal and otherwise.

Chinese food is the best ever, and has been in this country for over one hundred years largely due to the Chinese immigrant population that came to work on the railroads. There are many excellent places to eat, some of them ranked very high among Danbury Chinese restaurants, and are definitely worth the time to go check them out. Hope you enjoyed the review, have a hearty appetite!